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Western Data Group, Inc. -- Innovations In System Connectivity

Since 1983, Western Data Group, Inc. has provided expert technical support to communications managers at a broad spectrum of companies.  Our commitment to quality, experience, and full range of broad solutions distinguishes us from our competitors.


Commitment to Quality


    Complete satisfaction is our primary concern.  We take time in the beginning to listen to each customer's individual needs, carefully planning each application to ensure minimal problems.  We don't make speeches, we take notes.  Resolving problems is our first priority and we provide customer references to prove it.

Independent and Objective Solutions


    If a product won't work in your application, we'll tell you so -- and usually offer you a more appropriate solution.  We continually help clients find and evaluate less expensive ways to fill their needs.  Because we are an independent company not locked into a specific technology or product line, we are free to design systems that meet your needs -- not those of a manufacturer.




    Each member of Western Data Group, Inc. has numerous years of hands-on training and experience in positions such as communication operations, product planning, and systems engineering.  This wealth of knowledge allows us to effectively coordinate technical resources and respond to technical problems.


Competitive Pricing


    We may not always sell the cheapest product, but we routinely offer the least expensive solutions based on functionality and cost.  We offer aggressive volume discounts which extend across multiple manufacturers and product lines.


Full Range of Solutions


    Whether you need a single modem or a complete fiber optic network, we have the products and expertise to assist you. 

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